Democrats Should Be FOR a Recount

Those who voted for Biden should be FOR an open recount in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nevada. It’s historically close, and there have been enough shenanigans (real or imagined) to enfranchise Trump and his voters to contest the validity of those results.

If Democrats believe in equal treatment, they must admit that if the situation were flipped, Biden & his supporters would be fervently calling for a recount while Trump called them ‘cry baby losers’ or something to that effect.

If you want to be better than Trump, treat him better than you believe he’d treat you.

Plus, if they (you) have faith in the integrity of this election, why would they (you) be worried the results would change? Doing so would hopefully reduce the temperature in the room and give Trump and his supporters less of a case for election fraud.

We have till December 14th till the electoral college officially votes. We have the time, the reason, and frankly the duty to recount these votes.


I voted for Biden. I am not a Democrat. I am not a Republican. And above all, I’m certainly not an ideologue. My political allegiance resides only in the stability and plasticity of my culture. But that's a discussion for a different day.

We are in the middle of a bottleneck, a moment of indescribable potential. We know not what the next few months, weeks, days, or even hours will deliver. Ambiguity, the experience of sitting in the unknown, is something we are not well equipped for. Our minds, for better or for worse, are in part prediction machines. In the face of unintelligibility, we make meaning, even where it doesn't exist. We infer erroneous causal patterns, make illogical leaps in our reasoning, and weigh the validity of narratives we build in our heads by how well they adhere to narratives that already exist in there. We are all biased towards what we already believe because it feels safer to have a fake map than no map at all.

One only needs to look at the crowds gathering at various vote counting stations around the nation to understand just how entrenched the ideology of Trumpsim is in his supporters. And now, agitators such as Alex Jones have attempted to spark violence. In 2020, it's difficult to cut through the multiple layers of drama and irony in everyone’s words, but we must take this seriously. The continuity of the American Experiment depends on it.

Trump has been nudging his supporters towards discrediting the 2020 election sense 2016. He still hasn't even accepted the results of the election he won handily. Therefore, we should not expect him to bend the knee this cycle without significant protest.

That said, for patriotic purposes, the vote needs to be openly recounted even if you see it as unnecessary. I do not believe the results will change; perhaps a few hundred or thousand ballots will be adjusted for counting errors, but nothing unexpected will occur. I suspect many on the left share that opinion. And, if you don't, your refusal to call for a recount is evidence of your immaturity. To those on the left quietly standing by the sidelines with hidden smiles, wait till the shoe is on the other foot.


Democrats missed their first opportunity to obliterate Trump. The Blue Wave was met with a Red Mirage. Turnout has soared uniformly. More Americans are engaged in politics than ever before. Typically, that would be great news, but it's also frightening, given our current context. The better part of 70 million Americans literally believes their benevolent leader has just been cheated out of victory. Let that number sink in.

How would you react? Would you be emotionally unstable? Would you be enraged? Would you feel empowered to act? Would you feel the need to organize? I absolutely think so.

We need overwhelming — no, undeniable evidence that Joe Biden won this election fairly. There's no room for error here. The stakes are just too high.

It is my sincere hope that Biden and his team show true presidential leadership in this dark hour in leading the call for recounts. Having Trump and Biden jointly ensuring the validity of this election would seem odd for sure, but it's the kind of leadership we should expect out of the office of the president. The time for vitriol and division has come and went: the game is over. Now, the adults need to step back into the room and clean up the mess.

Doctoral student in clinical psychology | I ramble about philosophy, psychology, and political economy |@Brady_C_Malone | Contact me at

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